Shobha starts trusting Samarth again in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh

Shobha agrees to let Samarth stay at home and gives him another chance. Samarth gets glad by this decision. obha says family comes first. Sarika gives sweets to Samarth and talks to him. He says I m seeing happiness in your eyes, what is your benefit in this. Sarika thinks you knew it, manipulation is in our blood, you are my elder brother, no one can understand my game. Sarika tells her sad story of losing Abhay, and she does not tell her feelings and pain to anyone. She asks how did he get bail. He says I m Samarth Sachdev and its enough. He says their love has got me back here. Shibha sleeps with the kids and avoids Samarth. Vikram says I can do anything to get smile on your face.

Sarika asks Samarth to stop Shobha from working, and work himself to show the society. She smiles and thinks Shobha won’t have any way to meet Vikram, out of sight and out of mind. She manipulates Shobha. Shobha asks Sarika what is she saying. Sarika says society people are talking bad about Vikram and you, that he loves you. Samarth tries to start a conversation with her, Shobha says she has to leave for work, Samarth says ever since he came, he has been apologizing but never thanked her, and now he thanks for taking care of everyone in his absence and regrets talking rude to her in jail and says that she should quit her job and spend more time at home. Sharda tells the same to Shobha, and she agrees.

Vikram presents a certificate of Excellency in Marketing and a trophy for the Employee of the Month for her sincerity dedication and hard work and asks her to give a victory speech and not a thank you. Shobha gives a thank you speech, and gives her resignation to Vikram and shocks him. He says you are lying to me, what happened to you, do you think I m kid to fool me, you have made us a joke, this job does not need you, as it needs someone who values it. Shobha says this job saved me in bad time, I found myself, if Vikram did not give me job, I would have shattered. Sharda says yes, it changed our lives.

Shobha says I got employee of the month, I did not know I m capable and can do this. Samarth asks her not to leave the job. Shobha meets Vikram and says she wanted t leave job for family, and she is back as Samarth said I m do job. He said I can do anything which can give me happiness, maybe he changed. Vikram doubts on Samarth. Samarth talks to the politician Tiwari. He says you changed, as you are saying I love you to your wife after so many years of marriage. Samarth says yes, I have to, I lie a lot. Samarth says I m acting to love, she believes in emotions and will help me.

Tiwari laughs and says we will try to change your image, will your wife help us in this. Shobha gets hurt and Samarth shows his care. He applies ointment to her hand. He says I m still the same, I always loved you and was mad in love, after I lost you, I realized your value, I don’t want to lose you again. Sarika tells Samarth about Shobha and Vikram’s affair. He slaps her and asks is she not ashamed to ruin Shobha’s name, does she know what Shobha did for them. Sarika gets angry. Sanjay asks Garima to abort the child. Saurabh slaps Sanjay. He says if anything happens to the baby, I will not leave you, how can you give stress to Garima, this baby will come in this world and I will protect it. Vinita smiles and says if anything happens to baby, it will be Sanjay’s mistake, not mine.

Samarth recalls Shobha’s words. He goes to the room and sees Shobha sleeping. He touches Shobha. Vikram says Shobha and wakes up from his sleep. He says I heard some sound, did you see any bad dream. She says no. Samarth thinks he can’t do this, he can get any rape case on him, his career can end, Shobha can help him, he has to act smart and plan things. He sleeps with Reyaan. Shobha comes to him, and thinks he has really changed, maybe you missed him, did jail change your priorities. Will Samarth break Shobha’s trust again?