Super rocking Semi Finals in India’s Got Talent

Andy and Bharti host the show and name the semi finalists. Andy says everybody are ready, are we all ready for a surprise. Bharti says are you taking off your shirt, don’t do that. The dancers perform a group dance on the song Queen Victoria. Kangana enters the show and dances along with them. Kangana says she has brought all the Shagun for Bharti’s marriage. Karan jokes on Bharti’s fat body calling her a laddoo and asks her to eat and regret getting married. Kangana joins the jury happily.

The first performer Hargun is a amazing singer. Her mum praises her in the AV. Hargun sings the song Kamli…….. from the movie Dhoom 3. The judges are very happy with her and give her a standing ovation. Karan says I wish to call every music composer and say you have a new voice. You are a born star. Kiran says Karan should sign her. Malaika says we will also sign her. Kiran says I will ask everyone to vote for you. Malaika says this is the finest performance, I don’t have words to express. Kangana says it’s a refreshing song. Hargun says Sadi Gali song for Kangana. Everyone clap for her. Bharti jokes with Hargun and Hargun asks for vote appeal.

The next performers Beat breakers are the kids group of dancers who claim not to skip any beat in their dance. They start their dance on Nach all night…. From the movie Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. They make pyramids and stand on each other making a rocking height. They are well synchronized and dance well. They do load balancing and dance on the song Disco Deewane…… from the movie Student of the year. Malaika says my son have come to see your performance, he brought his friend too only to watch you all. She says I love you guys, its good to watch you, we are feeling good seeing you like this. The guys say we don’t have money to get costly costumes, so we did body painting. Malaika says you have precision. Kiran says you have a good chance to win this show and I would like India to vote for you as you deserve to be there. Karan says no one can do what you all did today. You are better than city dancers. You are the coolest kids in the country. They do the vote appeal.

Next is the acrobat. He shows his skills and everyone are just left shocked. Malaika says you walked like spiderman, it was great to see you. Karan says your confidence, physical fitness is great, you are the master of the game. Fantastic. You are a super star yourself. Kangana dances with him on the song Tum jo aaye zindagi me baat ban gai….. from the movie Once upon a time in Mumbai. Next people are also like acrobats and shows load balancing and yoga techniques. They perform on the song Bande hai hum uske………. From the movie Dhoom 3. The judges are amazed. Kiran says its very difficult what you are doing. We are proud of have you, it is sad for the country that they are not projecting you, you have great talent in you.

Malaika says such performers won’t be seen in whole world. Malaika makes the vote appeal for them. They are Indian School of Yoga and make the vote appeal themselves. Next comes, two children who are best dancers. They dance on the song Dhating Nach…… from the movie Phata Poster Nikla Hero. Karan says what you do is that you defy all the laws of gravity. Sumanth and Sonali are outstanding. Malaika says I m sure the whole country will vote for you. Bharti asks the judges to come on stage and dance with the kids. Bharti dances with Karan, Kiran and Malaika on the same song.

Next comes a puppet show. A woman makes the puppets talk and creates a fun scene. Kiran says amazing to manage four puppets. Malaika says it looked like a magic box. Indu makes her vote appeal. Andy asks the people to vote for everyone and it’s the last semi final. Stay tuned for the finals. India’s Got Talent is one show which portrays the best talents of India. Keep reading.