Ayaan to help Pakhi against Tanya in Tumhari Pakhi

Tumhari Pakhi is one such show which can engage the viewers by the cool dialogues by the lead pair Anshuman and Pakhi. The screenplay is also good. The dialogues by Pakhi are outstanding. Pakhi is a strong character who believes in always doing good and being generous to everyone, be it her enemy. This week the show started the Maha Episodes, just like Ek Boond Ishq and Gustakh Dil. The Maha Episodes funda is working good for the channel Life Ok. The Maha Episodes are being a hit among the viewers expecting some good and interesting twists. Tumhari Pakhi is having 45 mins Maha Episodes till Life Ok gets a new show on that time slot. Its great eye treat for the show’s followers.

Coming to this week’s review of the show, let’s start with the first day of the week’s update. Tanya spends too much money on lavish lifestyle like going to spa and getting a makeover costing Rs. 20000 and ordering food from hotel for dinner costing around Rs 8000 just for one time. Tanya spends the money without thinking about the whole week expenses. Pakhi instructs Tanya and Maa ji to spend Anshuman’s hard earned money wisely. Tanya argues with her and does not understand Pakhi’s point. She taunts Pakhi for being from middle class family and she is no match to her and Anshuman’s standards. Tanya says that Anshuman does not care about his wealth. Pakhi says yes, as he is sure that I m already taking care of it.

Ayaan was also the star of this week as the show focused on him a lot. Ayaan sees Anshuman’s high expectations from him in sports and studies. Anshuman asks Ayaan to be a winner and not be a loser. He asks Ayaan to score well in studies and also get a medal in sports to make him proud. Ayaan feels pressurized. Pakhi senses this and asks Anshuman not to burden Ayaan with his high expectations. Anshuman does not understand and keeps on telling Ayaan thar he should win a medal in sports. Ayaan is tensed. Pakhi asks Ayaan not to worry about Anshuman and just go and participate without thinking about losing or winning. Ayaan becomes confident and agrees with Pakhi.

Pakhi encourages him and leaves as Girish calls her to take care of Naina in Lavanya’s absence. Ayaan is about to leave for school but Tanya manipulates him asking him not to go to school and instead go to amusement park and enjoy. She gives him the passes and makes him leave, thus disappointing Anshuman and Pakhi. She makes him lie to his parents. Ayaan goes to the park and misses the sports day. He tells Anshuman and Pakhi that he won the gold medal and Anshuman is very happy. Tanya buys the medal from the market.

Ayaan eats mushrooms in the park with which he has an allergy and gets rashes. Anshuman thinks Ayaan ate something at the school. The truth comes out when Anshuman goes to Ayaan’s school to complain about Ayaan’s health. The teachers shows him the attendance register and says Ayaan did not come to school on the sports day. Anshuman is spell bound and comes home to confront Ayaan angrily.

He asks Ayaan about his lie and how dare he fool his parents by showing a fake medal. Ayaan gets worried and names Tanya. He says Tanya is after all this and she convinced me to go to the park as she scared me of your anger if I would have failed. Tanya lies to Anshuman and says Ayaan is lying. Pakhi believes Ayaan and scolds Tanya for this dirty game. Anshuman believes Tanya and they spend a good time together on a far away place to be peaceful and very much in love. Pakhi takes care of Ayaan and thinks this time she has to see Tanya that she does not manipulate and take advantage of Ayaan in any way.

Tanya wins Anshuman’s heart and is bowling over him. Pakhi is not trying to win Anshuman as she knows Anshuman does not love her and she don’t need to play any game to win him like Tanya does. Will Pakhi win in the challenge? Will Ayaan help Pakhi by his mission Tanya Bhagao? Hope positive and keep reading next week for the interesting update.