Synopsis Day 11: Vikas Gupta gives the contestants a reality check in Bigg Boss 12

MUMBAI: After a competitive luxury budget task, the singles finally came out victorious. But the jodiswere’n’t able to accept defeat and kept opposing this decision. To spruce up things in the house,Bigg Boss woke thecontestants to the song ‘Koi Hero Yaha, Koi Zero Yaha’. The song had a surprise element weaved in, one that left all the contestants in shock.

Just when the contestants thought its going to be a light day, Bigg Boss had planned a few things that came as a shock to them. Firstly, Bigg Boss took away their most favourite spot in the house, popularly known as the ‘Mangluto’, the round sitting area, where all the hush-hush conversations would happen. This made many of them upset and dejected especially Deepak and Romil, who spent most of their time in it. While the contestants thought that the day is about to end, Bigg Boss dropped a new bomb in the house i.e ex-contestant Vikas Gupta who walked in the house to reveal each one’s game and ask a few of them to amp up their strategies.

As a part of this activity, Bigg Boss asked all the housemates to freeze wherever they were and not to react in any situation. Vikas went to each contestant with a mirror and spoke about their behaviour in the house and how their actions are being percieved by the outside world. Vikas’s revelations distressed and made many uncomfortable.

Soon after, Vikas Gupta left, another announcement came from Bigg Boss, asking the contestant to nominate 3 contestants for the Kaalkothri punishment. Accustomed to debate, the contestants argued on who they want to send into the most challenging den.

How will contestants react to Vikas’s revelations and who will spend their time in the Kaalkothri?