Taarak to surprise Anjali with a special gift in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

The episodes this week were hilarious. We have told you last week about Jethalal’s waist getting locked by putting strain on it while exercising in the fitness camp. Even Sophia has no solution for it and leaves the society. Dr. Haathi tries his hand in solving Jethalal’s problem. He takes an X ray of Jethalal’s waist and comes to know that it is locked, there is no fracture seen in it. He gives an injection to Jethalal after Taarak makes Jethalal busy in his sweets eating fantasy. Jethalal does not have any relief. Dayaben and everyone are shocked. They think what to do next. Dayaben gets a call from her mother and she tells her everything about Jethalal’s problem.

Dayaben’s mum gives her an idea. She asks Dayaben to kick Jethalal. Dayaben says I can’t kick my husband as it won’t be good as I m his wife. Dayaben gets an idea that she can make a donkey kick Jethalal. She asks Baaga to bring a donkey. Baaga takes Nattu kaka with him to bring the donkey. Baaga asks Nattu kaka to come with him. jethalal asks whats the matter. Dayaben says wait, Baaga is going to help us, be patient. Babita asks what will Baaga do. Dayaben says please wait then you will know it yourself. Baaga asks someone to give him Chikku. Baaga says only Chikku can make Jethalal well.

Baaga and Nattu kaka bring Chikku, a donkey. Everyone are shocked seeing him. Jethalal asks why did they bring the donkey here. Dayaben says the donkey will kick you, then you will be fine. Jethalal says I will not be kicked by the donkey. Dayaben says my mum gave me this suggestion. Jethalal says I won’t agree to this. Jethalal asks Baaga not to bring the donkey closer. Dayaben and Babuji says Baaga bring the donkey. jethalal is tensed seeing the donkey. Jethalal starts running seeing the donkey. In the process, he becomes fine.

Everyone ask Jethalal will be come on the third day of the camp. Jethalal happily agrees for the camp and Babita is impressed by him. The third day of the camp rocks and Jethalal is praised a lot by Sophia for his good spirit. Bhide sees someone in the society compound. It is actually Jimmy Shergill who came to promote his film Darr in the Mall. Dayaben calls Jethalal and talks romantically to him. She asks him to bring something for her. While returning home, Jethalal sees a Gajra stall and buys one for Dayaben. He meets Anjali in the compound and Anjali is happy seeing Jethalal’s love for Dayaben. Jethalal comes home and hides the Gajra from Babuji.

Babuji smells it and asks him what are you hiding. He later tells Babuji that he has brought a Gajra for Dayaben. Babuji and Dayaben are happy. Jethalal presents the surprise gift to Dayaben and says I love you to her. Anjali becomes adamant asking Taarak to gift her something in order to surprise her. He says from where did you get this idea. She tells him about Jethalal gifting a Gajra to Dayaben. Taarak calls jethalal and says why did you tell Anjali about Dayaben’s surprise. Taarak says now she is after me for the surprise gift. jethalal tells him the address of the gajra stall.

Taarak calls everyone and asks them what should I gift Anjali. Bhide says ask Anjali, that would be better. Sodhi says a new or old car. Taarak says something else. Sodhi says a ring. Taarak says a bigger gift. Sodhi says a tyre. Taarak says thanks for these suggestions. Taarak calls Dr. Haathi and asks him. Dr. Haathi says one year restaurant coupons. Taarak says the idea is great but I can gift you this, Anjali won’t like this, thanks for the idea. Taarak calls Iyer. Iyer says gift her a makeup kit. Taarak calls Popatlal and Popatlal is annoyed as he is unmarried. Taarak buys a surprise gift for Anjali and comes home. His gift bag gets exchanged. Anjali sees the gift and it is a costly saree.

Anjali wears the saree and shows it to everyone and telling them that it’s a surprise gift from Taarak. A couple comes in the society asking for Taarak and tells Anjali that the saree if theirs. Anjali is shocked. She wants to know what is her actual surprise. What did Taarak gift her? Keep reading.