Jai kidnapped by Chandrika in Sanskaar

Dhara catches Chandrika talking to someone on phone. Dhara questions Chandrika but she lies to her and hides her phone. Dhara gets mistaken and leaves. Chandrika is happy that finally her plan to hurt Jai will work. She hires a man Ravi to work for her. Ravi meets Hasmukh and Karsan when their car breaks down midway while going to their mill. Ravi repairs their car and wins their trust. Ravi acts helpless, poor and in search of a good job. Karsan immediately gives him the driver’s job. Ravi happily accepts it and Karsan asks him to stay with them in their outhouse. Though Hasmukh feels that they should first check few things about Ravi, Karsan asks Hasmukh not to worry and blindly trusts Ravi.

Dipika wants to stop Dhara from going with Jai to Ahmedabad. It is valentine’s day tomorrow and she wants to go with Jai and spend some time with him. Jai is going for some business work but Parul asks Dhara to go with him as she thinks Dhara protects Jai from all calamities. Dhara agrees to go. Dipika adds sleeping medicines in the chocolates and takes it for Dhara. Chandrika acts clever and makes Dipika busy. She mixes the chocolates and makes Dipika eats it as well. Chandrika plans so that no one can accompany Jai. Jai should go alone and Ravi can easily kidnap him.

Dhara eats the chocolates and does not get up the next day. Jai tries to wake her up, but she does not. Jai keeps some flowers on her side wishing her happy valentine’s day and leaves alone. Parul and Karsan are waiting for Jai’s call and thinks Jai and Dhara would be fine together. They are shocked to see Dhara at home. Parul scolds Dhara for being so careless. Dhara tells her that she does not know how she could not get up in the morning. She tells her that she also wanted to go with Jai. Dipika also gets up late and Ketki informs her that Jai left. Dipika thinks she missed a golden opportunity.

Jai is on the way. His car meets with an accident. Ravi kidnaps him from there. The family gets a call that Jai did not reach Ahmedabad. They get worried and inform the police. The inspector tells them about the accident on the highway. He says its Jai’s car. Parul breaks down. Parul gets annoyed with Dhara and blames her for all this. She says as you did not go with him, this has happened. Dhara cries and holds herself responsible. She tries to punish her eyes by putting hot wax in her eyes, but in the nick of the time, Ansubaa stops her. Ansubaa scolds Dhara for doing such a weak and stupid thing. She hugs Dhara and pacifies her asking her to have hope.

Ravi sends a CD to them in which the video is showing Jai kidnapped and being hurt by him. Everyone are spell bound seeing Jai hurt. Parul faints. Everyone get worried for Jai and inform this to inspector Durga. Durga cross questions Chandrika and Dhara tells her that she has a doubt on Chandrika. Dhara hears Chandrika talking to Ravi but Chandrika lies to Dhara. Dhara feels Chandrika is hiding something and maybe she is not really blind.

Chandrika is being careful hearing Dhara telling about her to Durga. Durga asks Dhara to keep an eye on Chandrika. Dipika adds fuel in the fire and makes Parul go against Dhara. Dhara comes to Parul to talk to her, but Parul blames her for this situation and is angry on her. Dipika says I m with Parul, Dhara can leave. Even Parul asks Dhara to leave. Dhara is unable to bear that Parul is annoyed with her, the one who has always been on her side. Ansubaa asks Dhara not to worry as everything will be fine when Jai comes back. Hitesh sees how much money the family has, and how they are ready to pay in crores to save Jai. He is acting sweet to everyone so that he can win their trust and join their business. What will happen with Jai? Will Dhara be able to save him this time? Will Chandrika succeed? Keep reading.