Tanya to bring clash between Anshuman and Pakhi by planting Rohan in Tumhari Pakhi

Anshuman and Pakhi are dating for seven days. Pakhi wants Anshuman to admit that he loves her before seven days ends. Pakhi asks Anshuman to try some stupid thing which will give him real happiness. He asks what is it. She asks him to steal a toffee from a shop. Anshuman is shocked and does not agree for it. She challenges him and asks him to go ahead as he will not regret and feel happy. Anshuman agrees and goes at the shop. He feels odd, but looks at Pakhi. She urges him to do it. Anshuman makes the shopkeeper busy and runs with the toffees. The shopkeeper asks him to stop and everyone in the market try to catch Anshuman. Anshuman and Pakhi hide.

Anshuman sees Pakhi with a guy who gives her roses. Anshuman is shocked to know his name is Rohan but thinks he can’t be Pakhi’ss boyfriend. Anshuman tells Pakhi that this was the best moment of his life, as he stole something for the first time and though it was stupid, it gave him much happiness. They get closer and have a romantic moment. He thanks her for making him do it and experience a new thing which he did not do till now in his childhood. He tells her how much he misses his childhood as he grew up faster having the responsibilities of his house and family.

They come home and are very happy. Anshuman asks Pakhi to come on video chat as its unique to be far and still together. They get ready and Pakhi comes late. He goes to see her and finds a man running out of the house. He shouts thief and asks the servants to catch him. But the man flees and drops his wallet there intentionally. Anshuman asks the servants to find out his identity. He is shocked to know its Rohan from Chittor. He thinks what is Pakhi’s boyfriend doing here. The guy is planted by Tanya as she heard about Pakhi’s lie that she had boyfriend in Chittor named Rohan. Tanya meets Anshuman and tells him that one day he will be shattered to know Pakhi’s truth. Anshuman does not care about her and scolds her.

Tanya tells him that she really loves him and did everything to get his love and companionship. Anshuman tells her that she was wrong as she tried to kill Pakhi. She apologizes to him and wants to be in his good books again. She leaves asking him to wait to see Pakhi’s real face. Anshuman thinks what was she saying about, what is Pakhi’s truth. Anshuman and Pakhi go on numerous dinners and dates. They start enjoying life to the fullest. Anshuman is very much in love with her. They go for dinner and he comes late. Pakhi gets annoyed and does not give him anything to eat. She eats everything and gets stomach pain.

They come home and argue. They fall in the pool and get romantic having an eyelock. Anshuman asks her to come in the terrace. She gets dressed in a beautiful saree and looks stunning. Anshuman decorates the terrace and they have a romantic mood. They spend some time in love and have some romantic moments together. He kisses her and is about to get more closer to her. She starts getting stomach pain and he gets worried. He calls the doctor and he says everything is fine, it was just overeating. Rohan comes in the house once again and drops an envelop for Anshuman.

Anshuman asks Pakhi to come with him on a romantic movie date. She agrees and gets ready. Lavanya comes and stops Pakhi from meeting Anshuman. She tells her that there is only one day left now and Anshuman has to admit his love to you else this courtship does not matter. Anshuman calls Pakhi but Lavanya does not let her talk to him. Anshuman gets angry and tells her that his mood has changed now and he will not talk to her now.

Anshuman thinks Pakhi is ignoring him but does not know that Lavanya is making her do this. Lavanya hears from Girish when he talks to his friend that she sings really bad and he will be buying her every album. Lavanya is shocked and apologizes to Girish. Girish pacifies her and asks her to forget everything. They have a hug and laugh. Anshuman gets the envelop at last. What will be Anshuman’s reaction reading what’s inside? What is Tanya’s next move against Pakhi? Keep reading.