Team Krishna Chali London shoots in the country to add authenticity

It has been a visual treat for the viewers of StarPlus’ Krishna Chali London to follow the endearing couple Radhey (Gaurav Sareen) and Krishna’s (Megha Chakraborty) jouney in London. The show captures their lives as well as the beauty and magnificence of the city perfectly. The makers left no stone unturned when it came to shooting some scenes at real locations in London in order to add authenticity to the show.

Commenting on it, Producer of the show, Saurabh Tiwari revealed, “We shot in London for more than 14 days covering all of the scenic locations in and around London including the Mecca of Education – Oxford City. We shot with a minimum crew of 25 people including the actors. The shooting took place in complete natural light capturing the visual beauty of the city at its best. In addition, as we were in the city during Christmas time, the city came alive with all the festive lighting and decoration.

The shooting went very smooth as London is extremely shoot friendly when it comes to location permissions. The only challenge we faced was limited day light as days were short and we hardly got 5-6 hours of day light to shoot. But overall it was a great experience and London provided a brilliant visual backdrop to our show.”

Viewers have been getting the feel and taste of London through StarPlus’ Krishna Chali London and the duo’s reel and real life escapades in the famous and iconic nooks and corner of the city has kept the viewers hooked to their screens.