Varsha’s link to Pratik’s past surfaces in Laut Aao Trisha

Lavanya is blackmailed by someone. The police get a boy in jungle and check his ID and get surprised seeing his name as Vivan Swaika. Gaurav thinks what Vivan is thinking about him is wrong. mrita thanks Kabeer to save Vivan. Pratik says it is because of Vivan’s upbringing by egoistic mom and spineless father and tries to walk out. Pratik says he is sure Trisha’s attacker planted bomb in his car and he should be careful now. Meghan remembers Lavanya goon hurriedly getting into call and says she will tell killer’s identity. He asks her to be careful as even her life is at risk with Pratik. Kabeer asks Lavanya when Pratik and Kushan know about her dad’s gun, why she does not. She says it is 25 years old gun and she does not remember anything. He says that gun is used by shooter to shoot Trisha.

Lavanya asks him to stop harrassing her. Varsha comes to interrogate Kushan and asks police officers to wait outside. Kabeer meets Varsha and says he would not have involved her in this case. She says she is involved since the beginning and wants to continue. Kabeer informs about his plan to Pratik and he agrees. Trisha and Amrita get concerned about him. Pratik says Amrita that she does not have to show fake concern. Pratik’s officer discuss that they have loaded gun and informed Pratik and Kabeer also. Lavanya comes there. Officer says they have to change plan and he will inform Kabeer. Kabeer loads gun and keeps it in cupboard. Varsha calls him and says she has reached hospital and has asked staff to confine Kushan in chains so that his movement is restricted.

A lady changes fake bullets with real ones. Kushan tries to strangulate him saying he will kill him but he is confined in chain and cannot move. Pratik continues to provoke him and says he is incapable of even touching him and he is his puppy dog. Kushan continues shouting that he will kill him. Kushan shoots at Pratik and he falls down. Kabeer realizes Pratik was shot with real bullets and rushes him out from there. He asks officer to show him CCTV footage of 1 hour from here. Kabeer’s officer’s catch bomb blaster and he agrees to tell the truth. Lavanya says Trisha was shot with two different guns. Pratik asks Amrita if she wants to know who exchange bullets. Varsha comes there.

Kabeer introduces her to Pratik and says she is helping us in investigation. Pratik thanks her and starts thinking where he met her before. Lavanya says Kabeer that she hates Pratik a lot because Kushan is in jail and Bobby is dead because of him and will take revenge openly and not like a coward. Pratik recalls that Varsha is the woman whom he cheated after having an affair and made her abort the child, by giving her money, which she refused and was keen to take revenge from him and his family. Lavanya buries gun and walks back towards her car.

Kabeer asks arrests her for attempting to murder Pratik as her friend Prahlad/bomber spoke out. She says she does not know anyone and he cannot arrest her without proof. Officer gets gun and says it is proof. Varsha follows Pratik in her car. Kabeer calls her and asks if she met Kushan. She says she is on the way. Gaurav says Amrita and Sonali that he cannot believe Lavanya is a culprit. Sonali says she is not suprised and says all Swaika’s are crazy. Amrita says she is worried about Meghan. Sonali says she will not be surprised if Meghan’s dark secret comes out. Varsha comes to Kushan’s cell and asks if he remembers Pratik, Meghan or Bobby. He silently sleeps.

Varsha comes to Kabeer’s office and says he must be relaxed after solving Trisha’s high-profile case. He says he is waiting for gun’s forsensic report. Lavanya says Meghan that she is being framed. Meghan says she knows she hired Prahlad to kill Pratik as she saw him in their house. Lavanya asks if she will tell it to police. She says she has lost her brother and dad and cannot lose her. Trisha asks everyone to pay attention and says she has brought christmas gift for all. Trisha comes to garden searching for Aditya. He blindfolds her from behind. She says she knows it is him and asks what secret he wanted to say. He gets nervous and asks her to look away or he will shut her eyes.

She says she will take second option. He makes her turn, closes her eyes and says while treating her, he himself has become ill, he tried very hard to go away from her, but he has become very closer to her and says I love you Trisha. Trisha runs from there. What will be Trisha’s reply to Aditya? Who is the other person trying to harm Trisha? Keep reading.