Rajat announces his marriage with Karishma to make Anu jealous in Shastri Sisters

Sareen scolds Nikki for filling Minty’s ears and asks her to get lost from his house. He says you both have sacrificed Neil and Rajat to take revenge. He says if Neil did suicide, you should have taught him the meaning of life, but you did wrong by making him hate his life, that’s why you are bad. Sareen asks Rajat to come alone and they go to Shastri ji. Sareen says time has come to do the right thing. Sareen takes Anu’s hand and gives to Rajat’s hand. Minty is shocked. Sareen says its time to unite Rajat and Anu. Shastri ji says this is not right. Sareen says this is the only decision which is right. Sareen says our confusions have spoiled our children’s lives and now we should correct it.

Anu takes her hand backwards. She says sorry, I can’t say yes to this relation. Rajat is shocked. Sareen says you always listen to elders, please agree to this, if this relation happens, all relations will get fine. Anu asks how, the man whom my sister loves, I can’t marry him. Anu says my relation with Devyaani will end forever by this. Rajat says Anu that he agrees with her decision to say no. Alka comes to Devyaani and tells everything what Minty did. Devyaani is shocked. She says Neil attempted suicide for me. Vrinda talks to Rohan about the problems coming on Shastri ji. Astha hears it and is glad. She tells Karishma about Devyaani’s engagement with Rajat breaking.

Shastri ji tells Rajat you are the reason of Devyaani and Anu’s difference. He requests him to go far from Anu’s life if he really loves her. Rajat says fine, I also want Anu’s happiness more than my happiness. He says my happiness was to be with her, but if her happiness is when I go far, then I will leave from here. Rajat gets a secret mission and has to stay back. He worries how to stay at home and meets Karishma. She offers him a solution and he agrees. Rajat says he wants to marry Karishma. Everyone is shocked. Devyaani says when she came to know about Rajat and Anu, she also felt the same way. Alka asks does she want Anu to get the same pain, for the guy who moves on so soon.

Rajat tells Karishma that he missed her so much. He sees Anu and makes her jealous, saying I love you to Karishma. He stops Anu and asks why was she hearing his talk. She says no and turns. He holds her hand and she looks at him. Karishma flirts with Rajat. Astha sees Karishma changing her plan and asks her. Karishma says there is no plan to make Anu and Rajat, and he broke her heart in college so she will make him breakup with Anu. Astha smiles and asks does she love him. Karishma says yes, I want to get him, Rajat’s fate just has Karishma. Minty comes to Sareen and says she saw Rajat, he is very happy with Karishma, and he said he is very sure about her, why don’t we talk to her family. Sareen says Rajat’s dad is still alive for him, and stop showing this fake concern and love.

Sareen sees Rajat talking to Anu’s pic, saying he will make her accept their love. Rajat is shocked seeing Sareen. Sareen asks whose pic is he seeing. Rajat lies and says Karishma’s. Sareen says its not in his blood to change his love so much and asks the truth. Rajat tells Sareen that he and Karishma are making Anu realize that she loves him. Sareen is glad and asks why did he not tell him before and hugs him. Karishma comes with her family and greets them. Sareen welcomes them. Hari says they came to talk about Rajat and Karishma’s marriage. Anu is shocked. She smiles and shakes hand saying congrats. Rajat is shocked and does not understand her reaction.

Astha asks Alka to make Karishma have sweet so that we can be sure that you are happy with this relation. Bua ji says yes, I will glad. Alka makes Karishma have sweets and looks at Rohan. She leaves. Devyaani thinks about Rajat and his words that he loves Anu. Neil sees her upset. Devyaani acts rude to him again. Neil still offers her friendship and smiles. Karishma comes to meet Rajat and taunts Anu. She makes her veg bags fall. Minty welcomes Karishma and praises her. Karishma says she got cup cakes for Rajat and she made it. Minty taunts Anu and says Karishma is best match for Rajat. Rajat talks to her boss and says he has locked the CD and no one can read it, he makes password love Anu. Karishma hears the password. Will Karishma use the mission code to break Rajat and Anu’s relation? Keep reading.