Zain and Aaliya celebrating Valentine’s Day in Beintehaan

Last week was the shop lifting case with Aaliya. This week starts with Aaliya and Zain in their room having a talk. The alarm clock rings and Zain is irritated. Zain and Aaliya have an argument. Aaliya says by insulting me, you are insulting your dad, yourself and our marriage. She says if you are not realizing this, you should go and kill yourself in shame. She tells him that she is a tigress and he should know this. Zain laughs and starts taunting her. He says I will win in this game and you yourself will leave my house and life. She says she will never go from his life and room. She says it is her right to be in his room as in Islam, a wife gets the right over her husband’s things.

Zain asks her about the shoplifting incident. Aaliya says My Allah knows what happened in the supermarket and she does not need to give any explanation to him. Surayya gets a call from Shabana and she tells her about the shoplifting drama of Aaliya. Shabana cries knowing this. Surayya tells Shabana that Zain is not happy with Aaliya. Shabana asks her about the Valima. Surayya says Zain wants to seek divorce from Aaliya. Shabana is shocked and cries miserably. Surayya says I will send you the tickets, you can come here for the divorce proceedings as Zain and Aaliya, both are ready to take the divorce. Aaliya tells Zain that no matter what he does, she will always keep her marriage.

Aaliya hears Surayya talking about the divorce and asks her. Surayya lies to her. Aaliya asks her not to think about anyone’s divorce as it’s the last step of marriage in Islam. Zain and Usman have a talk. Usman says you have insulted the sacred marriage and Aaliya. You should apologize to Aaliya. Zain tells Usman that he is not happy with his marriage. Usman tells him about the decisions he took for Zain for his boarding school and trip to London. Zain recalls and says you have always taken the right decisions for me. Usman asks him to trust him even this time and give his marriage some time. He says Aaliya is a nice girl, and she is brought up very well by Ghulam and Shabana. He asks him to give the marriage one chance and start afresh.

Zain says yes, we still have one month time, and Aaliya will herself run away before the month ends. Aaliya promises Usman that she will not let their name spoil. Usman is very happy with her. Shabana is booking her ticket. Usman asks Aaliya and Zain to eat from the same plate as they are newly married. Zain has to obey him against his wish. Zain teases Aaliya and fools her so that she should look bad to Usman. He laughs on her. Shabana calls Zain and asks him do you really want a divorce from Aaliya. Zain says he won’t leave Aaliya easily and will show he what he is. Shabana is relieved and happy thinking Surayya lied to her.

Zain’s friends come to watch cricket match with him in his room. They ask about Aaliya. Zain is embarrassed to introduce Aaliya as his wife, but Aaliya wins his friends over by bringing the snacks and food. She takes good care of them and they are impressed by her. His friends praise Aaliya and says she is a rockstar. His friend invites Aaliya in the valentine’s party and asks her to come with Zain. Zain gets angry and after his friend’s leave, he divides the room into two portions. He ruins the room’s decorations done by Aaliya. He asks Aaliya not to come in his portion. Usman comes to know that Aaliya is innocent in the shoplifting case as he has seen the CCTV footages. He says I knew this.

On the Valentine’s day, Zain holds Aaliya’s and tells her that she can’t be his valentine ever. Zain tells her that he hates her and after a month, she will be out of his life. Zain and Aaliya comes in the Valentine’s party. Aaliya tells Zain that she came only for Usman’s sake. Will Zain and Aaliya move aside their egos and be together? What will Surayya do? Keep reading.