Rocket takes Zain’s place in fancy dress theme party; the goons catch Zain in Beintehaa

Zarina hires Rocket for Rs 50 lakhs and shows Zain and other family member pics. He agrees and says before taking any work, he will test people’s loyalty. Bilal brings Zarina home. Bilal says Rocket is not a good guy and eyes on other’s women, he was even eyeing on you, I will inform Abbu about. He says let us go to Hyderabad with Abbu. She takes out slippers and starts beating him. Zain wakes up in the morning and does not find Aaliya next to her. Aaliya comes and says she is going on important work. He says even he will accompany her. She says it is surprise for him and will come back soon. Nafisa gets pregnant and doctor confirms it. Fahad says doctor that Nafisa had complications in her previous pregnancy and doc told she cannot be pregnant. Doc says miracles happen and now he has to take care of Nafisa now.

Fahad happily hugs Nafisa. Rocket’s friend asks him why did he come Mumbai and till when he will do his forgery business. He says he will get his lady love here soon, till then he will continue it. He says he will hear both church’s bell and masjid’s azaan when he will see his lady love. Aaliya walks from there. Heavy wind blows and Rcoket’s hat falls down. He hears both bell and azaan and sees Aaliya walking in front of him. He gets mesmerizes with her beauty and subconciously continues watching her. Rocket looks at Zain and Aaliya’s pic, calls Zarina and tells her that he accepts her deal of becoming Zain Abdulla.

Zarina reminisces Rocket holding her romantically and thinks he accepted offer because of her. She tries talking like him. Bilal hears that and asks what is she doing. Zarina says Rocket accept their offer, now they have to get Rocket here as Zain and they have two days for that. Zain gets ready for office hurriedly. Aaliya blindfolds him with a tie and asks him to come with her. He says he is in a hurry to reach office. Zarina and Bilal show Rocket Zain’s vidoes and asks him to practice walking and talking like him. Zarina realizes that he accepted her offer for Aaliya and not for her. Zarina tells Rocket that Zain is going out of station after two days, but will not come back. She tries to open Surayya’s locket, but Surayya comes and stops her.

Zain asks Aaliya to come to terrace. Once she comes there, he gifts her a necklace with ZAYA engraved. They both hug and romance. Rocket sees them and gets irked, thinks after one day Aaliya will be his. Zarina reaches Rocket’s hotel room and tells him to get ready for plan execution and also informs that Surayya has come back and he has to be careful. Rocket says he will kidnap Zain at Barkat Royale’s anniversary party and take his place. Aaliya calls her lawyer and informs that she wants to transfer her 51% shares in Zain’s name in Barkat Royale’s annual day party. She keeps a fancy dress theme. Rocket calls Goa don and asks him to kidnap Zain.

He says Zain’s pic, don looks at it and says it is Rocket and even he wants to kidnap him and will pay him instead if he tells his hideout. Bilal talks to Zarina over phone and says he has to get Rocket ready as Zain. Zain and Aaliya change their looks. Rocket becomes Zain and Zain becomes Rocket for the fancy dress competition. Everyone dress well for the party.

Zain and Aaliya enter the venue disguised as Chinese woman and Zain as her English husband. Everyone clap for them. Zarina thinks Rocket must have disguised back and to confirm asks Aaliya who is he. Zarina realizes it is Zain and thinks what is Rocket doing, why he has not kidnapped Zain yet. Zarina gets Rocket’s call and asks where is he. He says because of her son’s stupidity, Zain is not yet kidnapped and asks her to send her men to kidnap Zain as Pascal don has left. He then runs into venue. Zarina drops juice on Aaliya and asks her to go to washroom and wash it.

She then says Zain that she has a surprise for him, but sees Bilal signaling him and walks out. As soon as Aaliya enter room, Bilal locks her out. Zarina then says Zain that Aaliya is waiting for him as a surprise. Zain goes out to check what surprise Aaliya has for him. Aaliya calls Zain and Surayya’s name. Rocket disguises as Zain and opens room door. Rocket comes holding hands with Aaliya and winks at Zarina. Zain gets beaten by the goons. What will happen next now? Keep reading.