Shastri family comes to know about Alka’s affair with Rajeev; Shastri ji gets insulted by Rajeev’s dad in Shastri Sisters

Its Raksha bandhan day and the sisters are upset as they don’t have any brother. Anushka defines the brother as a protective one. nushka says we have three brothers, Ganesha, our dad and police being the third one. The sisters go to the inspector and says Bhaiya, give me your hand, its our rakhi. He asks her to promise that she will call him if there is any problem. Minty says great, your third brother is great. Anushka says festivals are made to unite society. The sisters have a good time and fun lighted moments. Anushka says I m happy as everything is back to normal.Sareen tells Minty that Rajat got transferred to Delhi and he is coming.

Minty and Neil are very happy and hugs. Sareen and Shastri ji have chaat outside. Rohan’s mum Vrinda comes and she has to talk to him. She says the daughters have done well to manage the situation, I m very impressed. Rohan and I like Alka a lot. She asks can she come tomorrow. They agree. w Rohan’s pic. Sareen says don’t fight, go and see. They run to see the pic. Sareen says I m coming. Shastri ji says I m afraid something bad can happen, but this proposal swiped all my fears. Minty asks why they were doing such things. Sareen says thanks, this happened because of you, they are so happy and Shastri ji can be with us always. She asks what did I do. Sareen says Rohan’s family liked Alka.

Minty is shocked. Alka comes to meet Rajeev. Rajeev gets annoyed. She tries to explain him. He books his Kanpur’s train ticket. Rajeev packs his bag. Minty murmurs I thought Alka will open her mouth but she agreed to this good proposal. Sareen says I m very impressed, you know the girls so well, so its said mum is a mum. Devyaani and Peeya makes Alka and Rohan’s pics card. The sisters tease Alka and she gets angry. Alka tells them about her affair with Rajeev and they are shocked. areen messages Devyaani that Rohan’s family is coming today. The sisters begin the arrangements and are done in some time. Sareen tells Shastri ji that Vrinda is coming today. Alka gets ready and is crying. The sisters are tensed seeing her. Rohan’s family comes and everyone attends them. They ask for Alka.

Alka leaves from home when Rohan comes with his family. She goes to meet Rajeev at the train station. Shastri ji asks the girls to bring Alka and they panic as Alka is not in the room. Rohan’s dad is annoyed as Alka did not value them. They taunt Shastri ji. The sisters try to cover up and then Alka comes back after meeting Rajeev at the station and taking some time from him. Rohan and Alka have a talk and she acts very rude to him. Rohan still likes her and tells his mum that he wants to marry Alka. This sisters come outside to break the Dahi haandi. Everyone is seen dancing. Sareen shows them Delhi’s Janmashtami.

Neil and Devyaani argue. Devyaani challenges him to break the Dadhi haandi. Everyone dance on the song Go Govinda. Neil goes on the pyramid to break the haandi. Neil breaks it and smiles. Shastri ji says this is the beauty of our festivals, it unites everyone and makes them forget the pains. Rajeev comes to talk to Alka and says I will take you now. Shastri ji comes and slaps him. Alka cries and says its not his mistake. Shastri ji says Rajeev? You are the kirana shop owner’s son, how did you come here.

Alka says he came to meet me, as I love Rajeev and Shastri ji is shocked. He asks Rajeev to leave else he will call police. Shastri ji is shocked as Alka blames him for her bad childhood. He breaks down and asks Anushka to decide for Alka’s life. Anushka talks to Alka. Alka says I can be happy with only Rajeev, you cancel this marriage. Anushka says if you marry Rajeev and dad feels ashamed, then what. Shastri ji agrees for Rajeev and goes to meet his dad in Kanpur. Rajeev’s dad insults them.

Rajeev’s dad asks him to get his daughter trap rich guys and make them married. Shastri ji says they love each other and they should be married. Anushka and Sareen can’t bear the insult of Shastri ji. Rajeev’s dad does not agree for this proposal and shocks Rajeev too. Anushka is tensed and thinks about Alka. Will Rajeev be able to convince his dad for accepting Alka? Keep reading.