Anushka makes Rajat and Devyaani get engaged; Neil tells Sareen that he loves Devyaani in Shastri Sisters

Anushka cries knowing Devyaani also loves Rajat. She asks Alka not to tell Devyaani as she does not want Devyaani’s happiness to get less. Alka promises her and they hug and cry. She says when she met Rohan, she realized what is true love, maybe she will also realize this. She thinks this can’t happen, as she really loves Rajat. Devyaani takes Sareen and Minty’s blessings. Anushka gets Rajat’s call and cuts it. Minty thinks about Neil and gets angry. Minty says I m afraid that I can lose my children’s happiness. Nikki says we sometimes have to do this, I know Rajat loves Anu and his heart will break.

Nikki says we sometimes have to do this, I know Rajat loves Anu and his heart will break. She says many hearts will break which is imp for me, guys are practical but girls stay in same place when they fall in love. Shastri ji talks to Rohan and asks him to bring Alka sometimes. Minty worries that plan can backfire too. Neil comes home and asks Minty whom is Rajat getting engaged to, tell me. He shouts on them. Nikki says Devyaani and Neil is shocked and cries. He ruins his room in anger. Devyaani comes to meet him in his room and sees him crying. Neil looks at her. Neil cries thinking about Rajat and Devyaani.

He sees Rajat’s pic and says you have always been good, and would have got anyone, why did you take my Devyaani from me by lying, I asked you and you lied to me. Minty lies to Sareen about Neil. Shastri ji invites Alka’s inlaw for Devyaani’s engagement. Bua ji sees newspaper. Astha tries hiding it. Bua ji asks her to answer her. Astha smiles and thinks she did this work to answer her and tells everything about Alka and Rajeev. Bua ji is shocked. Bua ji gets angry and decides to go in Devyaani’s engagement. Rohan and Alka go to her Maayka to do some arrangements. Alka comes to Anushka and feels sad. Anushka makes Devyaani ready for the engagement and smiles.

Devyaani tells Anushka that she is looking very beautiful today, just like bride, anyone can get confused that its her engagement or mine. Anushka says she is happy for her and hugs her. Rajat comes home and goes to meet Anushka. He asks is she shy, as relation is fixed. He says I like this about you. She says get ready fast, it will be late for engagement. He says is this shocking for you, as everything happened so soon, I wanted to do everything, but then I wanted it to happen soon. Nikki comes and takes him before Anushka tells anything. Anushka comes calling out Minty and Rajat smiles.

He holds her and says I locked the room as anyone come and spoil out moment. He says now no one can stop me from saying whats in my heart. She asks what is he saying. He says I have been in love and I have to tell you. He holds her closer. She says this is wrong. He says whats wrong if I made you feel this, as I love you. She is shocked and asks do you love me. He says yes, I love you Anu. She asks him why did he getting engaged to Devyaani today. Rajat is shocked hearing this. Anushka tells him everything that Minty got the proposal for Devyaani. He thinks of their confusion and says he will talk to Minty.

Anushka stops him asking him to get engaged to Devyaani as she loves him, and she is happy. She says she does not love him. She convinces him to accept Devyaani, and he makes her admit that she loves him. He says she has to tell the truth to everyone later. Rajat and Devyaani stand for engagement and see the rings. Nikki says now Rajat will reject Devyaani, our mission will be completed now. Rajat holds the ring and looks at Anushka while Devyaani smiles seeing her.They exchange rings and everyone clap. Minty is shocked and blames herself for ruining Rajat’s life.

Sareen goes to get Neil from police station, and sees him in drunk state. He gets him bailed out, and asks him the problem. Neil shows her pic and Sareen is shocked seeing Neil and Devyaani’s pic. Sareen hugs him and cries. Rajat comes to talk to Anushka after engagement. He holds her and says I did this relation for you, only you, and that time will come when you will care for me. Anushka says such thing will never happen. Will Anushka tell the truth to everyone? Keep reading.