Dipika furious on Dhara in Sanskaar

Ravi tells everyone that he was the one who has kidnapped Jai. Everyone beat him and asks him who asked him to do this. Ravi names Hasmukh. Everyone are left spell bound. Dhara believes that Hasmukh is innocent and she thinks of supporting him at the time where no one is supporting him and also Ramila is not at home. Hasmukh pleads to Ansubaa that he is innocent and he has no hand in kidnapping Jai. Ansubaa does not believe him and stops talking to him.

Someone throws a letter where they as for the temple land, money and that no one should complaint against Hasmukh. Ansubaa becomes sure that now it is clear that Hasmukh has done all this, that is why his people are trying to save him. Hasmukh himself does not know why is this happening and who is doing it. Chandrika is happy that finally she will be getting the temple land and also cash. Dhara doubts on Chandrika and shares it with Durga. She comes to know that Chandrika is not blind and she was acting to stay in their house. Chandrika plans her game well but jai escapes from her clutches fooling the goons. Chandrika gets angry on the goons and scolds them.

Parul and Dipika come to the goons to give them money but Jai calls them and asks them not to give any money and leave as soon as possible. Chandrika misses the money again and is worried. Dhara follows Chandrika to reach Jai and comes to the godown where Jai was kept. Chandrika is present there and comes to know that Jai has escaped. She thinks what to do now, whom to capture and ask money. She becomes glad on seeing Dhara and makes her hostage. She makes the goons call Jai and ask for the money. Jai reaches home and everyone are happy seeing him.

Jai asks where is Dhara as he has been missing him a lot. Everyone look out for Dhara at home and are shocked when they don’t find her. Jai asks where did Dhara go. The goons calls Jai and tells him that Dhara is with us and she is safe. They ask for the money and also the temple land papers. Jai asks them to give him Dhara first, only then he will give them what they are asking for. The goons ask Jai to send Dipika with the cash and money. Dipika refuses to go saying I don’t understand why are everyone paying so much money for Dhara, she is a maid, why does everyone want to risk my life for Dhara’s sake. Jai gets offended by her words and is taken back seeing her selfish nature.

Dhara is made to stand on a balance with rope in her neck. Chandrika tells her every plan to Dhara and says how she kidnapped Jai. Dhara leaves some clues for Jai to reach her. He follows the clues and reaches her to Chandrika. Chandrika welcomes him. Jai asks Parul to inform Durga about Chandrika and send the police there at the location. Chandrika aims at Jai with the gun to shoot him, but Jai fights with the goons to save Dhara from Chandrika. There is a good action scene shown. Finally, Chandrika gets Jai caught by her goons and at the nick of time, when she is about to shoot him, Durga shoots at Chandrika’s hand and the gun falls.

Durga arrests Chandrika and the truth and love wins over hatred and evil. Chandrika gets to pay for her sins in the police station. She tries to apologize to Ansubaa and her family, but this time no one believes in her words as she has been cheating them since long time. Ansubaa feels bad for doubting on Hasmukh and apologizes to him. Hasmukh forgives her and hugs her smiling. Jai brings Dhara home and both of them have a sweet romantic talk. Jai tells her that we should always be together as we are each other’s protective shield, you saved me and I saved you. Dhara is happy.

Jai starts believing in Lord thanks to Dhara. Dipika is shocked to see this. Everyone praise Dhara for saving Jai and Dipika gets jealous. She burns the wedding photos of Jai and Dhara and the room also burns in the fire. Everyone are shocked to see the room burning. What will Dipika do now to break Jai and Dhara’s relation? Keep reading.