Madhu insults RK infront of his family shocking everyone in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Madhu was about to leave RK’s house with Sunny and was smiling as there was still 5mins left for the bet and she won. RK says some heroic lines and asks her not to fly as he will be winning the bet as still there is 1min left. The lift opens and Leela enters. Madhu is shocked to see her and why are you here. Leela says RK has called me to make me meet his family. Madhu and Sunny asks Leela to meet them if she wants but they will be leaving now. RK asks Madhu to stay back and accompany Leela then she can go with them, else Dau ji will feel bad. Madhu is helpless and goes ahead.

Leela meets Dau ji and family. She starts talking nicely to Dau ji which makes him feel shy. Bai ji gets angry and asks Leela not to talk to any strange man like this being a woman. Leela talks about the city norms and explains them not to be so orthodox. Leela and Sunny leave in a car. Madhu and RK leave in another car. RK and Madhu are together and he plays the radio. The romantic songs play like Baahon me chale aa………….. Lag ja gale………… and others. RK gets romantic and drools over her to get closer. Madhu asks him to move back and not touch her. She pushes him.

RK feels she maybe feeling shy as they are in the car and brings her out. He asks her can he kiss on her forehead. She says no, he would not dare to do so, else she will not leave him. Madhu scolds RK once again and in their argument, her specs fall. She struggles to find it and RK looks on. She tells him that she can’t see anything without her specs. RK says then he can do anything with her and jokes. RK asks Madhu not to rub her eyes, and blows in her eyes getting closer. Madhu is with eyes closed. RK stops and says I won’t come close now, as I know you will love me one day and will come closer to me by your will, till then I will wait. Everyone come to the chawl and Leela welcomes Madhu and RK by doing their aarti.

Radha comes to them with Bittu and is shocked to see Madhu married having sindoor in her Maang and mangalsutra. Bittu and Radha are shocked seeing RK knowing he is Madhu’s husband. Bittu thinks about Rishabh and Dida thinks she got her son back. Dida was not forgiving Madhu for marrying without her consent, but seeing, her heart melts. RK says I m Raja Kuswa, I m Madhu’s husband, I came here for Patphere ritual. Leela says I did not do anything, Madhu married him by her wish. Dida touches RK and hugs him believing her son is back. She cries and says Rishabh, how did you come back. RK says yes, we did a mistake, we married without asking you. He apologizes to her. Dida says no, when I saw your face, I have forgiven you. RK gets much glad.

Dau ji calls RK asking when is he coming. RK tells him that he is staying at Madhu’s house tonight and will come tomorrow. Dau ji gets angry. RK tells Madhu that he will keep a puja for Dida to pray for her long life. Dida becomes very happy and says Madhu is very lucky to get a husband like you. RK and Madhu have an argument, but Dida comes and asks them to be happy and not fight. Madhu thinks RK is playing with Dida’s feelings and cheating her. Dida says you won’t get such a husband. Bittu sees Rishabh and Madhu’s pic in his waller and cries. He says Chief, I could not keep my promise, Madhu’s life…. I could not save it from ruining, forgive me. Bittu gets heartbroken. RK comes to him and Bittu scolds him a lot.

RK can’t understand the reason for all this. Dida gifts RK few items for his family. Madhu comes home back with RK. Everyone scold her and Agni goes ahead to slap her. Madhu holds her hand and tauntes her badly which shocks everyone. Bhanu asks Dau ji to control RK and Madhu. Madhu says I m sorry Kanha, I did this bad behavior with RK’s family as I was helpless, I want to teach a lesson to RK. RK comes to her and she argues with him. He tells her that he loves her, but she asks him to leave not listening anything. Bhanu tells Agni that he has a plan to separate RK and Madhu. He asks RK to make Madhu stand and shoot on target behind her.

Madhu gets angry and fumes. She tells everyone that she and RK does not have any husband wife relation and everyone is shocked. Dau ji scolds RK for favoring such a bad wife who could not give him love and any right on her. Madhu tells him that she hates him. RK scolds him infront of everyone and brings her to the room to apologize. What will RK do now in anger as Madhu is not acknowledging his love? Keep reading.