Dadisaa proved innocent in Suraj’s murder case; Jagya wins the elections against Het Singh in Balika Vadhu

Amol sees the news of Dadisaa killing Het Singh’s son Suraj. Subhadra too watches it and taunts Amol for having a grandmum like this. She calls Dadisaa a murderer which annoys Amol. Amol asks her not to tell anything against Dadisaa else he won’t bear it. Dadisaa talks to her lawyer. She gives her statement that she has killed Suraj only to save Gulli from him. Bhairov tells Dadisaa that all the villagers are protesting for her outside the police station to free her. She asks Bhairov to talk to Inspector that she wants to talk to the villagers. Dadisaa comes out and folds her hands.

Dadisaa requests them not to protest for her and appeals them to vote for their right. Everyone support Dadisaa and agree to what she said. Het Singh mourn in front of his son’s photo. He gets angry knowing all the villagers are supporting Dadisaa and plans to get her punished by the law by killing Gulli. A killer comes to kill Gulli but Jagya catches him. He beats him and asks why did he do this. Jagya comes to know its Het Singh behind all this. Ganga is scared of Het Singh’s reaction for his son’s death and says we have to be careful to save Gulli’s life. Anandi talks to Shiv and tells about Dadisaa feeling guilty for killing Suraj.

She tells him about the attack on Gulli. Shiv asks her to take care of everyone and be strong. Saurabh’s mom comes to meet him in jail. She tells him about Vivek got married to Saachi. Saurabh asks her to bring Saachi and ruin her life. She says Vivek won’t agree to come to our house. He asks her to make Vivek agree. Het Singh’s goon tells him about failing attempt on Gulli. Het Singh gets angry on them. Jagya and Het Singh come to vote Het Singh taunts Jagya and says you shall do other work like taking care of Gulli or meet Dadisaa.He votes first and then Jagya votes. Subhadra speaks against Anandi while other praise Anandi and talk in support of her.

Dadisaa says I did a crime and I should be punished. Bhairov says, you saved a girl’s respect and didn’t do any crime. Dadisaa talks to Jagya. He says we have full right on your live. You are ready to get punished, but our life will be even worse than death. Subhadra ill treats Amol when he is alone and acts good when there is anyone around. Amol feels bad. Jagya requests Gulli to wake up and save Dadisaa. Your testimony is important to save her. Amol recalls Subhadra’s threats and gets tensed.Amol tells Shiv that he is missing Anandi a lot. Shiv calls Anandi and makes her talk to Amol. Shiv’s old assistant leaves the job and he gets a new assistant Rasika. Dadisaa is being taken to the court.

The court case starts and Dadisaa is being blames for Suraj’s death. Rasika enters Shiv’s cabin and introduces herself as his new PA. Shiv sees the appointment letter. She starts flirting with Shiv. She shakes her hand with Shiv and her dupatta falls down. Shiv lowers his eyes. Rasika eyes him.The judge says the next hearing will be after three days. Vivek gets angry on Saachi for taking favors from her family. Shiv tells his family that he don’t think that judgement will be on Dadisaa’s side. Subhadra speaks against Dadisaa. Saachi calls Anandi and tells Vivek is angry on her because of the new sofa set mum gave me.

Anandi explains her to win Vivek’s heart and explain him that she did not take help from her mum. Saachi and Vivek come to meet her family. Everyone is happy. Panchayat men comes and says Het Singh was leading until now, but then Jagya’s votes have increased. Saachi asks her mum Ira not to send any gifts to her as it is annoying Vivek. . Saachi says I care for your efforts, but now as I am married I have to be happy with my husband. Jagya and family hear drum beats and think Het Singh has won. Panchayat member declares that Jagya has become the MLA of Jaitsar. Jagdish has won with highest number of votes and made us proud. Jagya says it is my good luck that I got an opportunity to serve you, but the saddest thing is Gulli and Dadisaa’s life are at stake. He looks sad.

Dadisaa is happy about Jagya’s win. Court hearing starts again. Both the lawyers argue for the parties. Judge tells that he will announce the judgement after 30 mins. Anandi and Ganga take Gulli to the court in the ambulance van. Gulli comes there and gives the statement in Dadisaa’s favor. She also has the video recording and shows it. Judge says Kalyani Devi killed Suraj to save an innocent girl. This is not a crime, but a case of self defense. He says, she is free of all charges. Everyone is happy. What will Het Singh do now to take revenge from Dadisaa and Gulli? Keep reading.