Lajjo and Nikhil working hard to prove the strength of their love in Gustakh Dil

Lajjo comes home late and gets scolded by the house owner lady. She asks Lajjo and Rancho to leave her house if they are not disciplined. She catches Shreya in the bathroom and asks her to go home. Ratri is shown standing outside a party. A girl offers her lift and Ratri refuses. She walks on the road and a car follows her. Ratri gets tensed and the car stops infront of her. Its Sagar. She is shocked and happy to see him. She says Sagar Khurana, OMG. He asks are you ready to become a star. Lajjo explains the lady the reason for her coming late. The lady says fine, but don’t repeat such thing again. Lajjo promises her.

The lady asks her to pay the rent soon and leaves. Lajjo thinks to take advance from Mili’s dad. Nikhil comes home tired. Barkha cares for him and he is offended. He says come on mum, stop this drama, now you are happy seeing me alone, leave me alone now. maybe you forgot, I don’t forget, I got ten stitches on my head when I was ten years old, I called you whole night, but you did not come to see me. He says you have pushed me very far from you. Barkha feels bad having lost her son by her own hands. Nikhil tries to get a job in the diamond shop and promises the manager to give his best.

He gets the job with Rs 15000 pay. He starts working. Lajjo and Mili dance in the room and Sagar gets disturbed by the music. Sagar introduces Ratri to Singh. They have a talk. Sagar and asks Ahuja to call Mili’s tutor. Lajjo comes to meet him and they are shocked to see each other. Sagar says who permitted you to come here, who brought you here. She says if I knew this is your house, I would have not come. Sagar insults her and says are you capable of teaching Mili, you will spoil her, you are fired, get out. Lajjo argues with Sagar and says how can you scare your daughter, does a father be like this. Sagar stops her and gives her money. She says I need my two days money.

She takes it and leaves. Lajjo comes home and tells Rancho that she lost the job as Sagar is the same man with whom she fought in the village. She tells the whole story to her. Mili makes a drawing and tells Ms Ahuja that she is missing Lajjo. Ahuja talks to Sagar about calling Lajjo back, as Mili is missing her a lot. Sagar scolds her and leaves. Nikhil gets it first customer and he shows them expensive pieces first. The customer leaves as their budget is low. Mamta, his colleague gives him some tips to sell diamonds.

Sagar trains Ratri dance and she gets many calls. Sagar gets angry on her and asks her to focus on work if she wants to become a star. Nikhil calls Rancho and Lajjo also hears him. He gives a good news that he got the job without any recommendation. He says I wish to call Lajjo and share this with her, I miss her. Lajjo cries. He says I really miss her, I wish she could come to me. Mili wanders on the road finding Lajjo. Some men try to fool her and take her with them. Lajjo comes there and saves Mili scolding the men,

She brings Mili home and scolds Sagar for being a careless father. She taunts him and tell how her parents love her. Sagar feels sad and hires her back on work for the sake of Mili. Its night, Sagar drinks and thinks of his wife Arohi. Sagar says why did you cheat me Arohi. Arohi had an affair with someone else. Nikhil comes to meet Ranchi and sees the house owner kicking out Lajjo. He does not know its Lajjo, and says he will pay the girl’s rent. He says wait till tomorrow and leaves. Lajjo feels his goodness to help anyone without being selfish. Nikhil finally sells the first diamond.

Mamta praises his marketing skills and he feels confident now. Sagar keeps a party at home to launch Ratri and asks Lajjo and Nikhil not to come out. Lajjo leaves to go home and is shocked to see Barkha. She hides and leaves. Sagar asks Barkha to sponsor her. Barkha takes him to meet the sponsors and they agree. Sagar thanks Barkha. The manager counts the rings and finds one missing. Nikhil has asked him for the advance, so manager thinks Nikhil has stolen the ring. He checks Nikhil and does not get the ring. Nikhil sees the ring in someone’s pocket.

He tells the manager and the guy gets caught. The manager apologizes to Nikhil for doubting on him. Nikhil thinks how to give the rent, as he did not get the advance. Lajjo tries to bring Sagar and Mili closer. Sagar scolds Mili when she goes to thank him for crayons. Lajjo scolds Sagar. Sagar asks her to take her advance. Lajjo is happy thinking she can pay the rent now. Will Nikhil find out that Lajjo is in Delhi? Keep reading.