Madhu and RK ordered by family court to stay together for six months; RK decides to make Madhu’s life hell in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

RK breaks down seeing Bai ji’s last rituals not being done as he has failed to bring Madhu here to fill Bai ji’s Maang with sindoor. Dau ji comes forward and does that ritual himself. Dai ji asks RK not to lift the Dola and step back, as he has lost this right now. RK is shocked and cries. Bhanu, Dau ji and Ashok with another guy takes the Dola out and Bai ji is taken to the graveyard. Dida brings Madhu there and they come to know that Bai ji is taken away and they don’t get to know the name of the graveyard, so they go back home. RK thinks he will not leave Madhu for this bad day in his life, as Dau ji got angry on him because of her. He could not do the duties of a son.

The rape case starts in the court. Both the lawyers accuses Madhu and RK to do their part. RK too lies about Madhu and puts all the blame on her for killing Abhay Kapoor. Madhu says this is a lie, I did not kill Abhay, RK has killed him. They say that Madhu is greedy for money, so she has accused him of rape. RK says Madhu asked for a flat for Dida and half of my property and Rs 1 crore cash. He says she was marrying Abhay, but she married me knowing Abhay has names his property to me, she trapped me. He says what would I do, I was a 5 yr old kid mentally, she married me taking advantage, she has cheated me, she was always with me, never went to police, why was she with me till now, when I refused to fulfill her demand, she blamed me on rape charge.

RK tells everyone that I said her that if a husband loves his wife, then how is it a rape. The judge gives them a one hour break. Some goons hit on Bittu and Madhu and tell RK publicly that they will free him. The media sees this and makes it all go against RK who was winning the case. RK gets worried and blackmails Madhu that he will kill Dida if she does not take the case back. RK kidnaps Dida and calls Madhu asking her to do as he says. Madhu changes her statement in the court and says whatever happened, she is ready to forget it and give RK another chance.

The rape court case is dismissed. RK frees Dida. Madhu and Dida go home. RK comes to Dau ji getting free of rape charges. Dau ji scolds him for not being a man enough to bring his wife back home. He says he wants revenge from Madhu for Bai ji’s death and will not spare her. RK goes to bring Madhu forcefully but Bittu calls the police. RK fails to bring Madhu home and Dau ji fumes in anger. RK tells him that he will plan something that Madhu herself comes to this house. RK asks Bhanu to do something with Bittu like keeping fake notes at his home so that they can frame Bittu and blackmail Madhu.

Bhanu puts drugs instead. Bittu is arrested by the police and thrown in the lockup. Leela, Dida and Madhu are shocked. Dida understands that all this is done bu RK and goes to his home to do protest. She sits at his home without food and water, and says I won’t go from here till they free Bittu. Dau ji gets angry and asks her to leave. He asks Bhanu to lift Dida and throw the trash out. Bhanu throws her out. Dida comes home and tells Madhu that they have to free Bittu after all he has always helped them after her son’s death. Leela taunts Madhu to do something for Bittu, and think about her family. Madhu cries feeling helpless.

Madhu does not get any lawyer for Bittu. She files a divorce case with RK. RK agrees and signs on it going against Dau ji as he knows about the six months waiting period where they will be given second chance to keep up their marriage and they will have to stay together. At the family court, Madhu thinks about RK and her marriage journey. Madhu tells her opinion about her relation, its dark with new hope for any light. The magistrate says you can be separated after for six months as you have to be together as law states this, you have to come again, if you change your decision, you can decide not to take divorce.

She says you can inform us if he troubles you, we will take care of your safety. RK smiles looking at Madhu and goes to her home before she reaches. Dida is upset. Madhu comes to Dida and tells her everything. Madhu is shocked to see RK there. RK begins taunting her that he will now make her life hell. Will RK and Madhu come to know Bhanu’s truth? Keep reading.