Raghavendra angry seeing Yamini defending Nikumbh always in Baawre

Nikumbh and Yamini are heading to Mumbai along with their good friends and helpers Azam and Shaheen. Nikumbh tells Azam that he hates that city as it has taken away everything from him, hs love, his happiness and peace. Azam says everything changes with time, maybe this trip becomes memorable for you. Azam asks him not to worry as it’s a two day trip. Nikumbh says I won’t bear Yamini if she does anything weird. Shaheen comes to Azam and Nikumbh with her dad. Her dad talks to Azam and says Shaheen brought me here to make me meet you, take care of her, like she is going happily, bring her back happily.

Yamini meets Azam and Shaheen. Raghavendra asks Yamini to call and meet the director, he is happy that you are going Mumbai, he will take audition, maybe you can get a good role. They reach Mumbai and go to their hotel after some sight seeing. Nikumbh acts rude to Yamini. Everyone sit together to share some secrets about their childhood crushes. Azam shares about his childhood crush and how Nikumbh fooled him and got him getting slapped. Shaheen shares her crush who used to be with her in her rickshaw. Azam smiles as she says she was interested in his tiffin, not him. Yamini says there was no one in my life, I did not have time.

Nikumbh says but you know how to emote love, if you did not experience in love. He says this is why you want happy ending, do you have any idea about love stories. Yamini says yes, I think you had much experience, share with us, tell us why can’t it be happy ending in love story. Nikumbh keeps quiet bring angry. Nikumbh and Yamini go for a radio interview and start taunting each other. The RJ enjoys their arguments. Yamini leaves in anger and goes to give audition for Tandon’s movie, without informing Nikumbh. The audition guys try to misbehave with Yamini and she understands, she scolds them and one of the guy gets angry and pushes her. She falls and gets hurt. Nikumbh finds out about Yamini’s whereabouts from Azam as he was worried for her.

He comes to Yamini in the nick of the time to save her. Nikumbh beats those bad guys to teach them a lesson. Shaheen wants to go in a bar as its her wish and takes Azam. Azam is happy seeing Shaheen’s free nature. He protects her and she gets drunk. He brings her to the hotel where she thanks him. She holds his hand calling him a special friend and kisses on his cheek. Azam gets glad. Shaheen falls asleep and Azam too sleeps in the same room. Nikumbh and Yamini come to the hotel room and see Shaheen and Azam on the two beds. Nikumbh takes Yamini with him to his room.

Nikumbh treats her wound. She says I m sorry, my decision to go alone was wrong, I should have agreed to you.Nikumbh makes a sandwich for both of them. They get drenched in rain and he asks her to wear his shirt. She asks him to be friendly again and he looks at her. She asks him to forget everything, and says sorry for the last play, she learnt a lot from him on her journey. Nikumbh and Yamini are shocked to see Raghavendra. Raghavendra talks to Yamini and asks whats going on here. Yamini says nothing dad, like you are thinking. Yamini says I went for audition and everything what happened there.

Raghavendra is shocked and says I can shake the city even being in Lucknow. He says how dare he misbehave with you, I will make them dogs tomorrow. He thanks Nikumbh and says don’t feel much happy by my words. He insults Nikumbh and Yamini hears them. Raghavendra says nothing changed with this. Shaheen comes to Azam while he is working. She says I m sorry for yesterday. He says its fine, I m really happy seeing your new side, don’t say sorry. Tandon comes and apologizes to Yamini. He says the guys did not know you are Lucknow’s big star else this would have not happened. Yamini says it should not happen with any girl.

Tandon says I was going to police station, but Raghavendra stopped me. Raghavendra says Yamini that no one will think good for you, more than me. He asks her to focus on her performance now. The play starts and Nikumbh and Yamini are the leads again. Nikumbh and Yamini’s play starts and they do pretty well. Raghavendra gets happy as Tandon praises Yamini’s performance. Azam congratulates Nikumbh for making the play successful.Raghavendra sees Nikumbh becoming the highlight of the play and gets jealous. He scolds Yamini asking her to outdo Nikumbh. Where will Raghavendra’s ambitions take Yamini and Nimumbh’s life? Keep reading.

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